Traffic Geyser 2.0 Re-invented

We live in the greatest moment in human history.

With the click of a button, you can communicate and interact with more than 80% of the human race.

Traffic Geyser

Anything you can imagine – anything you can create can be broadcast instantly to the pockets and screens of the entire connected planet.

More distribution = more traffic.
More traffic = more clicks.
More clicks = more engagement.
More engagement = more money.

This video explains it all. 

Ever heard of Traffic Geyser? My buddy Mike Koenigs is re-launching a new, updated version of the system that took the marketing world by storm….only this time it leverages relationships with the biggest brands in the world. Mike is a genius at predicting where the market will go. In fact, he’s 10 for 10 over the last 7 years…and he’s about to do it again.


Why wouldn’t you want to be on every device all at once, everywhere?

Why wouldn’t you want to build a web of content that drives traffic and awareness back to you so that you can make money and engage with an audience automatically?

  • Why wouldn’t you want to gathering more leads, build a bigger list, and better engage your following.

The momentum you can build is incredible.
This is You. Everywhere. Now. This IS the future of Marketing.
And it starts right now in this video.

Click here to access now.

Go there now.
Geoffrey Moffett

PS – This video marks the official launch of Traffic Geyser 2.0, a completely reinvented version of the product that took the marketing world by storm. Mike is going to do it again…and the training you are about to watch is the first step.


Go here to watch the training video.


PPS – As an added bonus, Mike posted a free downloadable copy of his latest marketing book “You. Everywhere. Now” on this page. It’s his gift to you. And you don’t have to buy anything to get it. Enjoy! [LINK on “on this page”]

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Traffic Geyser 2.0 Goes LIVE today

The much anticipated launch of 2014 goes live today at 12pm PST.

Check out video 1 by clicking here.

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Traffic Geyser Launch

Traffic Geyser is an online application designed and released by Mike Koenigs. Traffic geyser is basically a video distribution service and while it does many more things than this, video is what it does best. Before Traffic Geyser, if you wanted to spread your video all over the Internet you would have to manually create accounts at each of the popular video hosting websites such as Youtube and submit each one individually.

While this is a great strategy to drive traffic to a website or to create backlinks for SEO purposes, it is an exceptionally time-consuming process and can chew up a lot of your precious time that could be spent doing more productive things.

Check out video 1 by clicking here.

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Traffic Geyser 2.0

Traffic Geyser Is The Most Popular Content Distribution platform. Our Push-Button Simple Tools Drive Traffic, Capture Leads and Make More Sales For You!

“A Proven, Foolproof Way to DOMINATE the Search Engines, FLOOD the Internet with Your Message, Get Web Rankings, Drive Unlimited Free Traffic and Generate Qualified Leads Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively”

Check out video one by clicking here.

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Would You Fire This Guy?

Geoffrey MoffettLol!

This guy. One of our clients, he’s a blithering idiot.

You know the kind?

Makes me thankful I stopped doing traffic as a service. These days, I just refer those requests to one of my guys. He doesn’t mind dealing with the mental cases that come through.

Funny thing is, this client isn’t one of a kind.

Online business seems to attract these types–People who have a gift for turning even legitimate training into useless hacks.

They’re lazy and careless.

A few weeks back, while I was launching 90 Minute Website, the same client emailed me to ask if there’s any need for him to get the training, since he’s, ya know, so awesome and stuff.

And I said NO, don’t get it.


Because I could tell from his language that he would misuse the information and get very little out of it.

And to be honest, i can’t stand arrogance from ignorant people.

Sure enough, my guy, wrote to me the other day, frustrated.

He’d been going back and forth for weeks on MAJOR issues that had to be fixed in this client’s website before it was really ready for traffic…

Fundamental stuff that would affect conversions, sales, and the ability to keep the traffic flowing.

Actually, there wasn’t really a “business” to speak of.

Alas, the advice fell on deaf ears.

The client was convinced he was doing everything right, and that my guy just needed to shut up, do his thing, and stop wasting time.

Finally, my guy started a massive traffic campaign for the client.

It did exactly what it was supposed to. It got qualified, targeted clicks through to the site.

But the quality of the site was so poor that beyond the click, little was going on. The Bing reviewers explained that it was about the site’s quality.

When I looked to see if maybe they were all wrong, maybe there was a quick simple fix…

It became clear to me, that we were sending traffic into shyt.

Oh sure, his site was using my Google Friendly Theme. But it was like someone took a DUMP on it and left it there to fester and gather flies and stink.

A moron with a half a brain cell, who was humble enough to actually follow my training and recommendations to the letter, without even trying to be clever, would have done a better job.

The client claimed he had a “Googly Website”.

It was NOT even a website.

It was just a theme, with one post, empty pages, broken links, and paragraph-long titles full of slimey language like “Make People Hand Over Cash To Me”.

Is it any wonder?

Traffic is a promise.

A promise the website has to deliver on. Otherwise it’s just empty useless, costly clicks.

That’s the industry we’re in though.

Lots of people dying for traffic…with nothing worthwhile to send it to.

When confronted with the facts, the client said, “Yah, but it’s been getting crazy leads and sales”.

Okiedokie then.

Sure. Pigs fly too.

Look, I’ve been doing PPC traffic for over 7 years. And I’ve been building online businesses for the past 15 years. My guy, he’s been doing PPC almost as long as I have…and he even interned with me for two years.

We work closely with Google, Bing, and Facebook’s editorial staffs.

We’ve helped people come back from permanent bans.

And we’ve seen this industry go through all kinds of trends. We’ve seen people rise from nothing to millionaires and watched those same people become homeless.

We know this game in and out. It’s our bread and butter. And everyone knows that if you need traffic skills, you come to YaghiLabs…

Ignorant and humble, we can help.

But ignorant and arrogant? Call a psychiatrist.

I write this newsletter, and I create traffic training products for people who trust my experience.

People who are humble enough to believe that if I say “do this” then you NEED to do it.

And I’ve told you over and over–and I will keep telling you forever–

Before you go looking for traffic, get your website in order. (For that, there’s the 90 Min Website training we recorded a couple weeks ago.)

If your website is good, then proceed to Starien.

It’s a traffic training that’s ALMOST idiot proof. As long as you follow the instructions closely.

More info on Starien here…


~Geoffrey Moffett

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