Faking Expertise Online

Picture this…You’re sitting in a fancy restaurant …And some weirdo starts eating their soup with a fork.Messed up right?Swear to god, this is a true story.Christmas day, my girlfriend and I decided to have dinner at this trendy hotel in town. They do traditional Arabic food and it’s incredible.This place is so popular, on weekends the queue runs down […]

Making BIG Bucks Online

The Six Figure Mentors

The people who make the big bucks don’t rely on “a marketing system” on its own. They’re out there creating a unique experience for customers. They’re making it a point to stand out from the clones. Because they know the myth for what it is-a piece of fiction for children. They’re out there building a […]

Why do so many fake their expertise online?

Over the last few weeks I have been noticing a number of people on facebook constantly trying to be something they’re not. You probably know what I’m talking about when I get into this. – The personal development “guru” wannabe who needs mental help. – The “wealth coach” who is practically homeless. – The “diet expert” […]