As citizens, we frequently look to our elected representatives to address and resolve critical issues. We expect them to take action, speak out, and represent us in government. But what happens when that behaviour is merely lip service?

Politicians frequently “write to the minister” on behalf of their constituents. They’ll write a letter, convey their displeasure, and want a response. And they will almost always receive one. But what exactly does that response imply? Is this a sign that something is being done? Or is it simply a means for the politician to demonstrate that they are “doing something”?

The truth is that writing to the minister is a pointless exercise. It allows politicians to appear busy and involved while taking no actual action. It’s a ploy to appease their constituents without actually committing to anything. It’s also a technique to evade accountability for not doing anything.

Don’t be taken in by this ruse. Writing to the minister does not imply taking action, and it’s different from actually making a difference. And it’s different from being a sincere community advocate.

We deserve better as citizens. We deserve action, not just words. We deserve results, not justifications. And we demand politicians who will actually represent us rather than play political games.

So, the next time your elected official says they’ve written to the minister, ask them what they’re doing to address the issue. Not just words, but actions.

Because, in the end, what politicians say is secondary to what they do.