Throughout 2022, I experienced instances where local public organisations failed to acknowledge my emails, did not follow up on my requests, or did not provide a response to my enquiries.

This was a frustrating and time-consuming issue, as I relied on these organisations to provide important information or assistance. Despite my efforts to ensure that my emails were clear and properly addressed, I frequently encountered obstacles in getting a timely or satisfactory response.

As a government organisation or public funded body, it is important to acknowledge emails received and always follow up for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, acknowledging emails and following up demonstrates professionalism and respect for the sender. When an individual takes the time to send an email, it is important to show that their communication has been received and will be addressed in a timely manner. This is especially important when dealing with sensitive or important issues that may affect the sender or the community at large.

In addition, acknowledging emails and following up helps to build trust and transparency with the public. When the government or public funded bodies respond to emails in a timely and effective manner, it shows that they are accountable and responsive to the needs and concerns of their constituents. This can help to build confidence and trust in the organisation, which is essential for maintaining a positive reputation and relationships with the community.

Another reason why government organisations and public funded bodies should acknowledge emails and follow up is to ensure that important issues are not overlooked or forgotten. By acknowledging emails and following up, these organisations can ensure that they are addressing all of the issues and concerns that are brought to their attention in a timely and effective manner.

Finally, acknowledging emails and following up is simply good customer service. It helps to ensure that all individuals who reach out to the organisation receive the help and assistance they need, which can improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction.